Aims & Ethos

Our Vision

For the moment Radnor House Prep is housed in a well resourced and appropriately laid out temporary site in Kew Foot Road, Richmond. Since September 2023 the school has established itself as a warm and exciting community where children feel confident and happy to learn. Whilst these premises work well for now, as we grow, we look forward to moving to our own PE site in Popes Villa, Twickenham.

The location, facilities and ample space at Radnor House Prep School’s permanent home, Pope’s Villa in Twickenham, will enable us to shape our curriculum far beyond the narrow strictures of the national curriculum. Lessons at Radnor Prep are a rich, rounded, educational experience that will bring learning alive for your child.

In addition to the academic scale and scope we can offer, our outdoor learning programme, array of workshops, co-curricular clubs and trips mean everyday is be a learning adventure for young minds.

We believe in stretch without stress at Radnor Prep. With the support of exceptional teachers, your child will grow in skills and confidence, happy, engaged and always excited to challenge themselves in and out of the classroom.

Our Values

Our curriculum is founded on the Radnor 3R Values;

Resilience – encouraging a sense of balance and humour in dealing with mishap and failure, and encouraging pupils to use difficulties as learning opportunities.

Respect – teaching children to listen to others, to value and understand difference, and to show a respect of themselves and others.

Reflection – showing pupils how to make good judgements, to review what they know and learn, to evaluate and analyse success and failure with a view to growing potential.

Our Aims

To be a friendly and inclusive school which celebrates achievement in all areas.

To be a centre of excellence for outstanding teaching and learning.

To embed culture of respect and care for oneself and others.

To establish a culture of discovery and creativity where children learn and develop their skills in science, engineering and the arts.

To embed healthy exercise and mindful living so that all pupils learn to enjoy the benefits of physical exercise, mindful living and a balanced diet.

To develop a sense of responsibility for one’s place within the school community, the local environment and the wider world.

Our Manifesto

How can you soar, if you haven’t stumbled?

How can you know the way, if you haven’t explored every turn?

How can you be bold, if you’ve never felt nervous?

How can you know what you want, if you haven’t discovered what you don’t?

How can you enjoy the win, if you don’t know how it feels to lose?

How can you know the answer, if you don’t understand the question?

We champion our children to be ambitious and inquisitive.

Try new things and be unafraid to fail.

Challenge structures and norms.

Uncover what their best is,

Not someone else’s.

Experiment and change their minds.

Balance different passions and ways of learning.

Embrace change and the unknown.

Discover who they are and who they want to be. Because Radnor House Prep will always be a place where curious minds can explore.

Address (Current)

Radnor House Prep School

Radnor House Prep School
41 Kew Foot Rd

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Address (Future)

Radnor House Prep School

Radnor House Prep School
Pope’s Villa
Cross Deep
Middlesex TW1 4QG

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Registered office address
5th Floor South, 14-16 Waterloo Place, London, England, SW1Y 4AR

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Places still available for September 2024

We still have places available for Reception through to Year 6 for 2024. Send us an enquiry today and one of our lovely admissions colleagues will be delighted to get in touch to answer any of your questions.