11+ & Senior Schools

As one of the premier prep schools in London, we will find the best in each child, helping them to develop their own unique talents. As a result, we will have high hopes and ambitions for our Year 6s to continue their education at the UK’s best day and boarding schools, much like our fellow Dukes Education prep schools.

11+ Preparation

Our approach to continuous learning and high standards is one of the reasons we will expect our children to achieve excellent 11+ results.

For those who wish to sit the competitive local 11+ exams, preparation will be thorough and targeted – from practice tests and interviews, to lessons on how to sit an exam effectively maximising marks. We will ensure that the children are fully prepared to sit the exams at their chosen schools.

We support them throughout this process to remove any levels of anxiety that the children might be feeling.

In Year 4 the Head will hold a group meeting to run through the processes leading up to 11+ examinations, how we will support the children through this process, timings and school choices.

In Year 5 the parents will have a 1:1 meeting with the school where we will discuss their child’s progress, assessment scores and school choices. Prior to this meeting the Head will meet all the teachers to discuss, in detail, each child’s progress.

We are very aware that this could be a challenging time for children and parents and understand the importance of working together so that every child fulfils their potential. We aim to make the 11+ process as smooth and enjoyable for the children as possible – it should be a time to celebrate their achievements and the progress they have made during their time at Radnor House Prep School.

Priority entry & Kneller Hall

Radnor House Prep School pupils will receive priority entry into Kneller Hall School and Hampton Court House through the Dukes priority entry system.

Dukes Priority Entry System

Our pupils will move onto the school that best suits their attainment and aptitude at 11+. We prepare them for the school that is right for them, and our experienced teachers will help support your child at every step of the way. It may be that another Dukes school is suitable for your child. If so, we are happy to advise and recommend them, and one of the benefits of being part of the Dukes Education family is that we can offer priority entrance to your child.

What does priority entry mean?

Priority access means that a pupil at one Dukes school enjoys preferential entry to another, but it is not a guarantee of acceptance. Each school has its own admissions criteria, and an assessment process for entry, and every pupil needs to meet the minimum criteria. A child that meets the eligibility criteria to join another Dukes school moves straight to the front of the queue. This can take a good deal of uncertainty and stress out of the 11+.

Year 5 confirmation

If pupils prefer to continue on to a Dukes senior school, we may be able to confirm acceptance during Year 5, subject to meeting the entry criteria.



Address (Academic Year 2023-2024)

Radnor House Prep School

Radnor House Prep School
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Address (Academic Year 2024 onwards)

Radnor House Prep School

Radnor House Prep School
Pope’s Villa
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Places still available!

We still have some places available for Nursery, Reception and Year 2 for 2023, and limited places in all other year groups. Send us an enquiry today and one of our lovely admissions colleagues will be delighted to get in touch to answer any of your questions. If you would like to come to one of our open events, you can book here.