Pastoral & Wellbeing

Your child’s wellbeing is our highest priority. At Radnor House Prep School, each child will be truly known in a warm and nurturing environment. Strong relationships between each child and the staff will mean that every child will feel cared for, all day, every day.

Each child will have a form tutor who is directly responsible for their day-to day-wellbeing. The form tutor will be in close contact with parents and the first point of contact for any concerns. Staff will be visible and available to parents at the beginning and end of every day. The school comms system provides an opportunity for contact with all teachers.

The school café will provide a welcome meeting point for parents after drop- off at the beginning of their time at the school and a unique opportunity for parents of younger age pupils to make friends during those early years. The Parents Association will develop an excellent support group for parents and pupils and provide a warm and supportive community for our new school.

Through a well-balanced wellbeing programme, younger children will be taught about their personal, social and emotional development, developing their resilience and thinking skills and learn methods to help them self-regulate when experiencing a range of emotions.
Older children will learn about specific areas of the brain and how to recognise when their minds or bodies feel out of balance and how to ask for help when they feel they need it.

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