We believe that success – whether academic achievement or personal development – comes not from rote learning or a narrow focus on core subjects but from a balanced and linked curriculum, which provides challenge at all levels and encourages pupils to strive hard each day.

Our Radnor House Prep School curriculum broadens the foundations of the traditional 11+ preparation by widening the focus from academic subjects only to the skills needed to succeed in the modern world. The teaching of these is incorporated within all areas of the curriculum and pupils have the opportunity to achieve recognition in each area through our own Radnor Achievement programme.

Analytical skills Leadership Skills Human Skills
Data Literacy Digital literacy Emotional Intelligence
Cognitive Flexibility Global citizenship Empathy
Curiosity Entrepreneurship Self knowledge

Our pupils will also have the chance to work towards:

  • IPQ award ISEB
  • Dukes Young Leaders award
  • Radnor Reflections award
    • Completed in Y6
    • Assessed at Years 3 and 6

Our curriculum reflects achievement in six broad areas of learning and experience:

  • Linguistics (English, French/ Spanish, Latin)
  • STEM subjects (Maths, Science, Engineering and Technology)
  • Humanities (Geography, History and Philosophy)
  • Creative and Performing Arts (Music, Art and Drama)
  • Sport and Outdoor Activity
  • Life Skills (rhetoric, oral fluency, mindfulness)

Our Steam Curriculum

Radnor House Prep School has a strong STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) thread running through much of our curriculum. With considerable time and space dedicated to STEAM subjects, we embed creativity and innovation at the heart of our teaching.

Within our STEAM curriculum, Radnor Prep offers hands-on coding, robotics and electronics, uniting theory with physical ‘IRL’ projects and revealing the wonders of technological possibility to our young pupils. Making the most of newly refurbished spaces, Technology and Engineering lessons allow pupils to work both collaboratively and independently, teaching them how to work as a team and opening their minds to new ways of thinking.

Radnor Prep prepares students for our digital age – utilising Computer Aided Design (CAD) across the curriculum, bringing student’s digital designs to life with 3D printing technologies. Students can even create their own digital animated 3D models which they input into their own games during game development. As a future-focused school, Radnor Prep has seamless AR and VR integrated across the curriculum to ensure pupils meet new technologies with confidence.

By the end of Year 6 all pupils will be accredited with the Individual Project Qualification, awarded by the ISEB, the Dukes Young Leaders Award, the Radnor Reflections Award and the Cambridge Assessment Global Perspectives certificate.

Address (Current)

Radnor House Prep School

Radnor House Prep School
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Radnor House Prep School

Radnor House Prep School
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