SEND & Additional Support

As a non-selective school, we welcome children of all abilities and with a variety of learning needs. We believe that all children can learn from each other’s differences, and our school community benefits from being inclusive and diverse in every way possible. We provide additional support to those who need it while ensuring that lessons are challenging and provide opportunities for growth for all.

We have a SEND Co-Ordinator (SENDCo) who is responsible for overseeing support and provision for the whole school. They work with all staff to identify and support all children who have learning support needs (for example, when English is an additional language) or Special Educational Needs or Disabilities.

All of our teaching staff differentiate lessons to ensure that every activity is suitable for a child on the Learning Support or SEND Register. Class and Form teachers also pay attention to the social well-being of all children under their care, with particular concern for SEND children who may sometimes be targets for bullying or other unpleasantness. They are proactive in ensuring that all children are socially integrated with their peers. In the younger age groups, Classroom Assistants play a crucial role in SEND provision within the school. They deliver programs of work, generally in Literacy or Numeracy, to groups of children who require additional support.

Support for those on the Learning Support Register may take the form of small groups taught separately from the class or Teaching Assistants providing support within the class. Sessions run by the SENDCo are tailored to the needs of the cohort and can include Phonics, Literacy, Numeracy, motor skills, speech and language, friendship and social skills, and emotional and behavioural support. Progress in these groups is regularly recorded and shared with parents/carers and class teachers.

Support for children on the SEND Register is tailored to the needs of the individual child. Some children may be best supported in a group setting working with other children who have similar needs, while others may benefit from 1:1 support with the SENDCo. The SENDCo works on targets from the child’s IEP and records progress to share with parents/carers and class teachers.

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Radnor House Prep School

Radnor House Prep School
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Radnor House Prep School

Radnor House Prep School
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