As educators we believe that children are equipped with enormous potential for learning from the moment they are born. In their early years, every experience a child has contributes to their understanding of the world around them and their place in it. We want to make Radnor House Prep School a beacon for Early Years education where young children will feel at home and flourish in our Nursery.

The Nursery and Reception are linked by an outdoor play area. The Early Years rooms have been fully refurbished to the highest of specifications. Our Early Years curriculum combines the Early Years Foundation goals with elements of Montessori teaching to create child-initiated learning. Practical life activities using real objects in real situations will be crucial, and time will be given to children to repeat and refine these skills. Independence is nurtured right from the very beginning through everyday routines, under the enthusiastic, watchful eyes of an experienced Early Years team.

All children spend 5 mornings per week in the Nursery, with afternoons as optional until the final term before they transition into Reception.

To learn more about our Nursery and Reception curriculum, click here.

Address (Current)

Radnor House Prep School

Radnor House Prep School
41 Kew Foot Rd

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Address (Future)

Radnor House Prep School

Radnor House Prep School
Pope’s Villa
Cross Deep
Middlesex TW1 4QG

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5th Floor South, 14-16 Waterloo Place, London, England, SW1Y 4AR

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Places still available for September 2024

We still have places available for Reception through to Year 6 for 2024. Send us an enquiry today and one of our lovely admissions colleagues will be delighted to get in touch to answer any of your questions.